Kids Camp 2014 “GLOW”

Camp Alta primarily serves as a retreat center for various youth groups, men’s or women’s ministries, and other para-church related organizations throughout the year. Each summer though we host our own version of a program camp we call, kids camp. This camp has a storied history that reflects the heartbeat of our ministry as a whole. Meaning it holds a special place in our heart and the hearts of hundreds of kids who have grown up spending a week in God’s creation at camp. Our desire as a ministry, regardless of whether it is our own program camp or a guest group that is running their own program, is that people leave Camp Alta with a desire to live differently in their neighborhoods, schools, or even their own family. Our hope is that as God breaths life into you here; that you flourish and share the love of the Father in these settings. As the kids camp committee started exploring that thought of flourishing and equipping we kept coming back to our call to be a light in the world. In Matthew 5:14, Jesus shares with his disciples that not only is He light, but that his presence in our hearts leads us to be the light of the world on His behalf. This process birthed kids camp’s “GLOW” theme for 2014.

kids camp logo 2014

GLOW = to shine with a steady light

Are you afraid of the dark? It’s okay if you are. We won’t tell anyone. If you aren’t afraid of the dark we still want you to picture this. Imagine a life full of LIGHT! Where the presence of shadows and darkness struggle to breakthrough because they are overwhelmed by a steady light. The presence of light has the ability to transform life. And when that process unfolds onlookers are usually in awe of what their eyes are seeing. This is because the warmth and the beauty that comes from being in the light is inspiring.

This summer our kids camp theme is GLOW. Our desire is to dive deep into the pages of God’s word as we try to bring to life the flare of some unknown Bible characters. Each of us, much like the characters we will explore, get to embrace the GLOW that shines from within. Every aspect of camp will challenge students to see the light and how it exists in them. We are light. We are a consistent glow that brings warmth to the world.

Ephesians 5:8-9 For at one time you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light (for the fruit of light is found in all that is good and right and true).