Camp Alta Summer 2012

Just last week we had a foot of snow covering the entire camp! It looked something like this…

Although it was a gorgeous answer to prayer in the midst of a mild winter it did not stay long. Today, as we try to embrace the waffling weather of spring, our staff at camp is eagerly awaiting summer.

The anticipation for summer though has little to do with the weather and a whole lot more to do with you! We are energized at the thought of so many of you coming back to camp to reconnect with the Father! We are also really excited to share the latest on our program camps. This summer we will host our first official iFit Summer camp (July 8-11). iFit is set up to help 6th, 7th or 8th graders learn the basics of fitness for both body and soul. This unique camp seeks to explore the concept of Fit (faith in training).

And what would summer at Camp Alta be without kids camp (July 15-18 for 4th-6th graders & July 19-21 for 1st-3rd graders). This years kids camp theme explores The Mystery of Who? We will be taking kids on a whimsical journey through the exploration of who. Who is God? Our time on the grounds of “Camp Whoville” will reveal that life in God’s creation can be filled with fun and laughter, awe and wonder. It can be a place where traditions are continued and new memories are made. It is going to be an amazing journey.


Our prayer is that you meet, taste, and experience God in some tangible ways this summer. If it happens to be here at Camp Alta, then we will praise God for that. If you are interested in one of our program camps you can download a registration packet here. iFit Summer 2012 or kids camp 2012

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