Kids Camp 2013 “epic kingdom”

Every year hundreds of kids from all over the Northern California flock to the 20 acres, on the Western slope of the Sierra’s, known as Camp Alta. These kids come to be free, to have fun and learn about the God who created this beautiful place. They come to this special corner of God’s kingdom to experience something we call kids camp. As the kids camp committee started brainstorming ideas for this years theme we kept coming back to the majesty that is God’s kingdom and awe these kids experience when they are in His presence here. And with that “epic kingdom” was born.

From the Creator of the trees and the clouds; in partnership with Camp Alta, kids camp invites you and your church on an epic adventure into an epic land. This summer we will seek to reveal a world unlike any other! kids camp 2013 is going to tell the story of an unbelievable Creator and His “Epic Kingdom,” filled with grace. As we guide your students, to see the unseen and to touch the untouchable we will reveal the survival tools needed to understand God’s grace. Prepare for a summer in God’s creation. Prepare for wet, wild, and crazy rides as well as eye-popping experiences. Prepare for an “epic kingdom!”

Students will face obstacles and challenges like never before, but will they be able to find the root of what is right, what is good, what is Holy. The focus this summer is on helping the kids understand that His kingdom is an amazing place to be and that receiving His grace is really the key.

If you would like to register please download the registration packet below…

Kids Camp 2013 Registration Packet


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