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Kids Camp 2014 “GLOW”

Camp Alta primarily serves as a retreat center for various youth groups, men’s or women’s ministries, and other para-church related organizations throughout the year. Each summer though we host our own version of a program camp we call, kids camp. This camp has a storied history that reflects the heartbeat of our ministry as a […]

iFit 2013 Summer Registration

This summer, Camp Alta will host our second iFit summer camp. It is with great anticipation that we welcome back junior high and middle school students from Reno to San Francisco, to a sports based bible camp that seeks to develop foundational fitness for body and soul. As we bring back talented coach’s, speakers, and […]

Kids Camp 2013 “epic kingdom”

Every year hundreds of kids from all over the Northern California flock to the 20 acres, on the Western slope of the Sierra’s, known as Camp Alta. These kids come to be free, to have fun and learn about the God who created this beautiful place. They come to this special corner of God’s kingdom […]

iFit Winter 2013 Registration

iFIT: Learning the basics of fitness for body and soul. Camp Alta is offering a recreational based winter retreat that will seek to explore the concept of Fit (faith in training). What does it mean to be fit in today’s world? How does your junior higher fit in? Where is their fitness at? We will […]

Kids Camp/Fire Update

As a result of the nearby fires in Colfax and Foresthill there have been many emails and calls regarding the status of “kids camp” this coming week. We at Camp Alta want to take a moment to express our understanding for your concern. You and your child’s safety are of the upmost importance to us […]

Camp Alta Summer 2012

Just last week we had a foot of snow covering the entire camp! It looked something like this… Although it was a gorgeous answer to prayer in the midst of a mild winter it did not stay long. Today, as we try to embrace the waffling weather of spring, our staff at camp is eagerly […]

Turkey Trot (Register Below)

At Camp Alta it is our desire to partner well with the groups that come to use our facility throughout the year. We believe that this partnership happens by extending the arm of boundless hospitality to all our guests. Recently we decided as a staff here at camp that we wanted to create an event […]

Tasting Kingdom

On Tuesday morning, as I prepared to depart for a run with my daughter Sadie, I waited patiently for her to climb into her Bob stroller. In that moment my eyes began to wonder across our yard, towards the entrance to Camp Alta. A smile came to my face as I proudly looked over at […]

Kids Camp 2011 | The Lord is my Shepherd

(Thank you to counselors) On Sunday morning I made the trek up the hill from my house, which sits at the base of camp to our office. In the midst of this walk I was blown away by the number of sounds that filled the air. I heard birds chirping, squirrels clicking, leaves rustling on […]